About the region

The Kostroma Region or Kostroma Oblast (RussianКостромска́я о́бластьKostromskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia with its administrative center being the city ofKostroma, and the regional population of 667,562 (2010 Census).[8] The oblast was detached from the Yaroslavl Oblast in 1944.

Textile industries have been developed there since the early 18th century. Its major historic towns include KostromaSharyaNerekhtaGalichSoligalich, and Makaryev.

Viktor Shershunov was Governor from 1997 until his death in a car crash on September 20 2007, at which point Igor Slyunyayev became the new Governor until, as of 2012,Sergey Sitnikov become the current incumbent.